Dan Mirkin of Trade Ideas Reviews #FMJ

Jane provides something critical for the process of learning what it takes to win in the stock market.  The human touch and personal perspective is one of the best ways that we relate to tasks that we are attempting to master.  Focus less on technique and more on the flow of the events.  How does this happen?  Jane does a great job of providing the modern, humanized perspective of the individual investors in the hunt and what experiences lead to positive outcomes.  

Once one delves into trading, they realize that trading is a unique synergy of art and science.  The journey to success is finding your own unique style that fits who you are as a trader.  Although that might sound hokey or even new-age it turns out to be the common denominator to success.  

Why do people want to trade stocks? The U.S. stock market is the most liquid, and individual friendly market in the world.  While you are still swimming with sharks, there is the simply beauty of low cost of transactions and small spreads.  These two factors lend themselves to the pursuit of mastery of trading.  You learn by doing.  Additionally there are moves in the U.S. stock market that just make everything else look, how does one put it, pathetic.  Just take a look at the stock of WTW Weight Watchers from the last month [May 2017].  That is 100% in a month.  This is why the pursuit of trading is in such high demand.  People want the lifestyle it can provide, and for good reason.  Freedom to make your own decisions is worth almost anything.  Enjoy the book and see who you relate to and how their lessons can help you on your way to winning in the stock market.

– Dan Mirkin, CEO of Trade Ideas

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