Jacob Whitish Book Review Airplane Jane

Jacob Whitish Reviews #FMJ

I am so happy to have the chance to review #FMJ! When I interviewed Jane back in early 2016 I knew that she was driven and determined to be successful no matter what. In the year since that interview she switched sides of the table and sought out to interview some of the coolest women in the trading world and chronicle their stories. Those conversations found their way into this book that takes the reader through the journeys of these great women traders in their own words to inspire, enlighten, and show the world that women can hold their own and kick some butt in the world of trading and finance.


The book reads just like a conversation among friends and is very accessible for most people, no matter their familiarity with the trading world. Each chapter is a new discussion with women who range from relative beginners with small accounts to some old hands who have been around the block. The reader gets to see the progression of a trading career both through the eyes of the subjects themselves, but also the bigger picture of progression from subject to subject.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to get a real, honest, look at the life of a trader – no matter which gender you are. #FMJ shows the readers what these women have dealt with in their trading career so far, but more than that it is an inspirational book that shows the reader that this career door is open to anyone willing to put in the work and really give it a serious try!


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